Why GrowBiz Partners?

You have three options when it comes to effective Customer Retention Marketing:

  1. You can continue to do what you are doing (or not doing);
  2. You can acquire a good retention system, learn it and everything there is to know about effective Customer Retention Marketing, and do it yourself or train an employee; or
  3. You can outsource your Customer Retention Marketing to experts.

Schedule an Appointment with us below to help you evaluate the effectiveness of your Customer Retention Marketing efforts and should you decide that GrowBiz Partners is your best option, your month is free. 

Q: Why GrowBiz Partners may be the most effective solution in terms of both cost and Customer Retention results.  Proposal.

A:  GrowBiz Partners incorporates all of the following proven and effective Customer Retention Marketing tools and methods which include:

  • Initially and continually assess the effectiveness of our Customer Retention Marketing efforts
  • Set up and maintain your customer database using GrowBiz Partners’ data and marketing software
  • Create, improve and implement methods for obtaining your customer data
  • Enter your new customer data weekly
  • Create personalized email# designed to retain customers, such as specials, birthday gifts or discounts, thank you’s and appreciation messages, and more
  • Update content on your Facebook and other social media sites including creating HTML pages for use on emails, Facebook and other social media sites*
  • Create and conduct customer surveys*
  • Determine your most valuable customers or Advocates and tailor personalized emails to acknowledge and reward your Advocates*
  • Set up VIP events at your place of business and invite your customers to attend*
  • Set up staff training events to better prepare your employees in all areas of customer valuation, marketing and retention
  • Market special offers to, nurture and reward your customers and turn many of them into Advocates for your business
  • Keep your customers informed by creating and distributing monthly or quarterly newsletters*
  • Contact businesses and residents close to your business to find out what they know about you and your services and add them to your customer database*
  • Add value to your business because of what will become your most valued asset–your customers.
  • Your GrowBiz Partner will become your Customer Retention Marketing Partner, whose purpose will be to turn as many of your customers into Advocates for your business.
    *Services identified with an asterisk(*) are included in GrowBiz Partners Plus. #Email texting for some carriers included in GrowBiz Partners.

    And your GrowBiz Partner will be the most effective, in terms of cost and results to move your customers to Advocates for your business!

Let us help you evaluate what you are doing so we can offer solutions to help you be more effective in your Customer Retention Marketing efforts.

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