GrowBiz Partners Subscription Options (To be completed by GrowBiz Partners)

By subscribing to GrowBiz Partners and GrowBizTools, you agree that you will subscribe for at least three (3) months. The reason for this term is to give GrowBiz Partners sufficient time to implement your GrowBiz Partner Customer Retention Marketing services, and for you to see the effectiveness of GrowBiz Partner services. If you want to unsubscribe at the end of this three (3) month period, you must give at least two (2) weeks notice prior to the date your subscription is set to be renewed at the beginning of the fourth (4th) month.
Your customer data will be kept exclusively on your own GrowBizTools software, and will only be used by your GrowBiz Partner for the purposes of creating a database for your customers, retaining your customers, marketing to your customers and identifying your most valuable customers. Your customer data will not be used for any other purposes.