Customer Retention & Advocates

Q: How Can You Attain That All-important 5% Increase in Customer Retention?

A:  By turning your customers into Advocates!

Effectively focus on existing customers. Keeping customers costs 80% less than acquiring new customers. The overwhelming majority of small business owners spend all their limited marketing resources, in terms of time and money, on gaining new customers.

Know who your most valued customers are. This can be done most effectively by creating and conducting surveys of your customers and then responding to them accordingly.  Customers have many choices and they want a more engaging and personalized experience.  This is especially true for your most valued customers.

Effectively market to and stay in contact with your existing customers. If you want to recoup all the marketing investment it takes to get those new customers, they need to stick around and become repeat customers and then Advocates. Effective Customer Retention is an investment in your customers because it is personal and engaging, and nurturing your customers turns them into Advocates for your business and products.

Q: Why is this a Problem for small businesses?

A: Most small businesses do not have the metrics in place to allow them to capture customer or client data, to effectively market to those customers, and to effectively identify their most valued customers.

Q: What is the Solution?

A:  GrowBiz Partners may be your best Solution to effective Customer Retention Marketing, both in terms of cost and effectiveness. Why? Because we are your “Partner” and with our effective Customer Retention Marketing, we can turn many of your customers into Advocates!

Q: Why is this the Solution?

A:  Because you “Partner” with Customer Retention Marketing experts who do all your Customer Retention Marketing, and you continue to do what you do best–perfect your product and/or services. Your time is more valuable doing what you do best. Your GrowBiz Partner will work to bring your customers back more often, make them ADVOCATES of your business and thereby increase your revenues. 

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Remember that 68% of customers leave a business because they perceive that it is indifferent to them!

Even if you feel you have an adequate system request a Free Consultation to assess your customer retention effectiveness.



Use your limited resources effectively and Partner GrowBiz Partners. We will be your Customer Retention Marketing Partner to gather your customer data, keep your customers coming back, turn many of your customers into Advocates, and motivate them to tell others about your business.

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