Bill Gates said:  

“How you gather, manage and use information to serve the needs of your customer will determine whether you win or lose in your business.” 

You can’t overestimate the importance of ‘effective’ Customer Retention Marketing. In fact nothing you do in your business is more important. What are you doing to increase the likelihood of a customer purchasing again, while focusing on making that customer an Advocate of your business, thereby increasing your revenues and profitability?

Not only do loyal customers buy more often, but it costs you 80% less to keep a customer than to acquire a new one.

In studies by Bain & Company, along with Earl Sasser of the Harvard Business School, have shown that even a 5 percent increase in customer retention can lead to an increase in profits of between 25 and 95 percent.

Look at it another way: Increasing your customer retention by just 2% is the same as reducing your expenses by 10%

Anyway you look at it “Effective” CRM Equals Revenues! 

Value of Lost Customer

Effective Customer Retention Marketing is not only a cost effective and profitable strategy, but in today’s business world it’s absolutely necessary!

Study the above for a moment. Click on it and make it bigger and digest it. Your customers are your most valued asset!  Did you know that 68% of customers leave a business because they perceive that it is indifferent to them?

Now click on the graph below and ask  if you know who the 8% of your customers are who generate 41% of your revenue? They not only need your attention, but they deserve it!


Companies worldwide regard Customer Retention Marketing as an integral part of their marketing strategy.

And it is not hard to understand why effective Customer Retention Marketing matters.

How Will Effective Customer Retention Marketing will help you retain and make Advocates of your customers? Request Our Free Online Guide to Effective Customer Retention

How can you achieve that 5% increase in your customers?

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